Environmental Stuff

We at Choose, A Greener Clean, offer a full Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Service. All the products used are 100% Eco friendly; this is everything from the cleaning materials used right through to the recycled paper we’ll invoice you on.

40% of the UK population suffer from an allergy such as Asthma or a chemical sensitivity. Chemicals that are used in everyday cleaning products increase the likelihood of sufferers to have a reaction.

We clean with products from the Ecover range; we use this company as their products deliver the same cleaning performance as conventional detergent based products.

Ecover products are formulated from natural ingredients; primarily plant based raw materials which are fully bio-degradable. These do not contain any caustic substances or any petrochemical based detergents. This is good for the Environment but also good news for you, as the harmful fumes and irritants that cause distress to certain allergy sufferers are excluded.

We don’t even dust the conventional way, we don’t use any furniture polish at all, this is due to the latest micro-fibre technology. We use cloths that are made with tiny microscopic fibres which work together to trap then lift dirt particles and bacteria from your surfaces. Using this method the dirt is lifted then trapped inside the fibres thus preventing any grime and bacteria from being just spread from one surface to another. This method of cleaning is a much more effective and hygienic way to clean.